Zeleni dvori

Unique plot features

  • The plots can be reached by a full profile road (two lanes with sidewalks on both sides)
  • The entrance to the plot is about 17 m wide and perpendicular to the axis of the road, which allows a spacious and clear car entrance and exit from the yard,
  • From the line of the northern facade of the houses, the eastern and western borders break and are directed 100% to the south so that larger parts of the yard are on the south side of the house, which is ideal for orienting living rooms towards the yard and the sunny side. It also modulates the maximum sunshine (usability) of photovoltaic panels on the roof.
  • The houses are founded (positioned) on plots so that in the north a semi-open courtyard is left, and in the south a closed, larger and more intimate yard large enough for orchards, vegetables, lawns, etc.
  • In the semi-open lobby in front of the house and the garage in it, enough space is left for planting trees, for temporary parking of at least 2 guest cars, for storing bicycle storage, for meters, for bins for household waste, and for mailbox etc.
  • Due to the orientation of the plots to the south in relation to the corner of the road, the northern and southern facades of the houses are offset from each other, making the terraces of the houses in the hinterland with each other, which ensures the necessary intimacy on the terraces.
  • The plots are slightly sloping towards the southern border along which the drainage corridor was built, which ensures fast squeezing of the yard in case of heavy precipitation (showers and prolonged rain).
  • The houses are based so that the entrance to them is a slight ascent without a single step, and given the configuration of the surrounding terrain (fall from the house to the boundaries) there is no fear of precipitation.
  • Along the southern borders, an internal promenade with outdoor sports equipment is planned above the drainage corridor, covered and closed with evergreen and deciduous creeping plants. It extends to the sidewalk along the pavements and closes the 600 m long “circle of vitality” with them.
  • plots are almost identical in shape, and different lengths or surfaces. The smallest is 682m2, and the largest is 1456 m2.